Welcome to my blog

I aspire to be a purple sage. I meet one requirement, which is being old, validated by my senior discounts and Social Security check. Young sages are an anomaly. While I do not aspire to be  a desert plant with purple flowers, I do hope to offer some occasional extra seasoning to the lives of others. I want to be purple enough to engage in dialogue with both red and blue in a search for common ground, even though I lean to the blue side. But I am always mindful of the words of Paul Tillich, who challenges us not to retreat to a limited defensible fortress of ideas. Dialogue with people who think otherwise  keeps us outside the gates, open to learning and change.

So I invite my followers, however few or many they may be, to walk this path with me, encourage me when I show signs of sagacity, challenging me when I say something banal or stupid, and pulling me back from the edge of the blue cliff when I otherwise might tumble over.

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